From seed to fruit: Nurturing the delicate and tender ages with love, case and belongingness.

Tulip Montessori: 2.5 years

We receive them at a tender age of 2.5 years. They remain with us for three years before going to class-1. Keeping in view, this tender age, we introduce simple concepts through Montessori material as well as daily life activities. We also introduce basic academic concepts recognition and comparison. Fine motor skills are also catered before they leave this class.

Junior Montessori: 3.5 years

As the child grow, we enhance the concentration observation, communication skills and confidence, using real life material. At this age children are provided with ample opportunity to talk and to listen to simple stories and rhymes. The environment for children is visually rich with pictures, drawings and simple words. Music and sounds also accompany these visual images.

Senior Montessori: 4.5 years

At this age, more advanced cognitive skills are developed. By this time our children are able to apply and analyse concepts as well as synthesis and evaluate situations. Within these three years, delicate minds and tender ages become ready to explore the world with little help. Concepts of similarity, comparison, space and formation are now clear and become the base for further learning. Their memory capacity and attention span also increases. They show a greater interest in the functional aspects of reading and writing, such as learning how to write their own names. Language activities should, however, focus on visual and auditory recognition of letters and characters in a meaningful context, rather than just mechanically practicing how to write language characters.

Language Development: Language development is important for building positive self-esteem and self confidence, children should start learning languages early because this is a critical time frame during which language acquisition is most efficient. Building confidence, developing awareness and strengthening observation is our main aim. Presentations are a regular feature of the morning assembly. We make sure that children get frequent chances to go up the stage to achieve this aim.


Class – Time

Montessori  08:00 to 12:00 noon

Junior & Senior Montessori 08:00 to 01:00 pm.

Friday: 08:00 to 11:30 am.